Sydney Robotics Academy has top-ranking students who has competed in programming competitions in Australia.


100% of our students got a medal at the most difficult computing challenge in Australia. We have the only year 6 student achieving a silver medal in the year 10 competition.

2021 Australian Informatics Olympiad


Our team 'Dream Rover' has won the title of Australia's Champion in the first round and will compete with their programmed code in NASA space station.

2021 NASA Space Station Programming Challenge


We had 2 students win equal No.1 in the Yr7-8 junior division, despite being in Yr6. 1 student won No.1 in the Yr5-6 primary division and another placed No.5 in the Yr9-10 intermediate division. Also, several SRA students ranked from No.8-20 in Australia.

2021 Oxford University Computing Challenge